The Guy in Kiev - Dating Consultant, Personal & Confidential Services in Kiev, Ukraine


Sometimes you need somebody whom you can trust, a reliable guy in a distant place, so that you can have something done in a quick, precisely manner, confidentially and no questions asked. Then, if you need this somebody in Ukraine, you are in the right place and I am exactly this kind of a guy. Usually I am assigned to various tasks, from personal to business, simple or complex ones, but you may be rest assured that each your order will get my full devotion, time, energies and resources.

From business point of view, you may hire me to do local business research in Ukraine, market analysis, prepare documents and make translation in Kyiv, inspect an object, be your agent and represent you at events, find you a place for your office in Kyiv, recruit personnel for you, buying equipment / furniture for office in Kyiv etc.

I will also do for you any personal task from booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation, or deliver a parcel, make calls or rent a car. If you are going to visit Kiev, I will show you the hidden gems of the city, as well as well-known attractions.

If you have some unresolved issue related to dating in Ukraine, I can give you a right advice based on thorough research and subsequent analysis of your unique case. After this investigation, as a rule, you will get answers all your questions about your ukrainian lady. Just see Dating page for more details.

Should you require any other job/task which is not listed here just send a note to [email protected] and I answer you promptly.