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Dating Consultancy

The Russian/Ukrainian dating has its roots in 1990s breakdown of Soviet Union when thousands of girls from behind "an iron curtain" have unexpectedly found themselves free. At the time the world has been much impressed by a crowd of ex-USSR beauties who wanted badly to escape from their undeveloped poor countries and marry wealthy western gentlemen. Likewise, it appeared that many western gentlemen, as wealthy as not, became interested in charming ladies brought up in a traditionalist pattern of life, where a husband is considered a boss and supplier of bread and butter to his family while his wife plays a role of a housewife and mother of children.

Nowadays internet romance industry is still thriving, and thousands of single men are looking for a soul mate in Ukraine via numerous international dating agencies offering to everyone "dating a model, but with the values of your grandmother". It may be true, at least partially, and there are many success stories about those who has really found their true love in Ukraine and got married after all. However, some of the guys were not so lucky.

There are lots of people who has already spent a fortune on chatting online with ladies, video and phone calls, flowers, presents etc but still got nothing except frustration and distress. Many of them even tried romance tours with restaurant dinners, taxis, and payments for a translator, but still all this expensive stuff did not help to establish lasting relationships. And this is exactly the situation where dating consultancy comes in. In short, I am a specialist who sorts out any issues emerged as a result of dating in Ukraine. I am the one who'd explore you situation, analyse all aspects of it and give you a full account of who is your lady candidate, what is her intentions and why she behaves so.

How this works? Simply write me about your case by email [email protected] and I will analyse it and give you my preliminary opinion on what is going on. My advice is free and without obligation, of course. However, if you like me to look into situation more deeply, it might be appropriate to spend some time and resources. In this case I may ask for a small compensation fee to cover my time, and it would be your decision to go on with investigation or stop. If you decide to go, I will work on your case a day or two and after that I will prepare for you a full account of what happened.

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