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Dating Strategies

A dating strategy is simply a set of actions allowing to date successfully in a foreign environment with available means. But strictly saying, our goal from the start is not dating itself (anyone can date a gal, and usually no help required). The problem arises at a contact stage. A guy needs to know where his kind of girls habitate and how to approach them, that's all. Dating agencies solve this problem by selling profiles of specially prepared "brides". This way of contacting girls has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is good that brides from dating agencies usually speak at least a basic English, want to relocate and live in a foreign country, study a second language etc. Agency arranges for your visa, hotel booking and reservations for your travel. They give you tips for dating Ukrainian women and help you to understand them.

What is not too good is that in this case you have to play by the agency's rules. You will be introduced to only those brides they have in stock. You will have to accept their views and their choice of everything in Ukraine. You will see also that in any dispute the staff of the agency will be on a bride's side. Some agencies have non-transparent structure and you never know what is going on inside them. Hopefully you will be lucky and find a decent one.

But what if you want to stay independent and play your own game?
What if you decide to contact ukrainian girls on your own, without agents and matchmakers?
We are not in a prehistoric era nowadays, we've got internet, social media, dating apps and whatever.

Ukraine is quite a safe country with good infrastructure and transport network.
Citizens of US and EU do not need visas.
Any kind of hotel or apartments are easily booked and paid.

So why not to arrive to Ukraine and go into real life dating? The answer seems evident but there is a problem.

We know there are lots of girls who would be interested in marrying abroad. But where to find them? How to approach them? Because you need to introduce yourself and also learn a lot about the lady before making any moves. Possibly, you need to speak to many ladies whose photo attracted your attention. You need a plan, a long-term strategic planning of how to meet beautiful ladies until you find a beauty you'd have a perfect chemistry with.

In other words, to go real-life you'll need a proper dating strategy.

I will make such strategy for you with account of your interests and preferences. It will be tailored to the portrayal that you has imagined as close as possible. The newly created strategy will allow you to sift through thousands of girls and leave the ones that are closest to the image you are looking for, the gems.

The strategy will allow you to speak with the "gems", to meet them under some pretex, to be able to understand which one can be your one and only, to get some clues in a girls' appearance, emphatic reactions, verbal and non-verbal responses. If you finally decide that you you've got some chemistry witht the chosen lady, you may approach her for an actual dating.

Such strategy will be of an average complexity and might require around two months to accomplish. However, there are simple strategies, and more complex ones. Some sophisticated strategies require lots of effort and finance, but normally my strategies do not require too much money. If you are not sure which way to choose I usually recommend to start by mixing two or more strategies to learn which one suits you best and then follow the most successful one.

A dating strategy may comprise various tools and methods such as web platforms, dating apps and social media, webboards and small local dating sites. In some cases our task is to implant you into real life, so I create for you a legend which corresponds to one or more scenarios. Most of the strategies are suitable for big cities like Kiev, while others are specially designed for small cities and villages.

There are lots of strategies but only one might work especially for you, so this is a reason why we need to approach each case individually.

How it is done? There are two major steps.

First, preparatory, when we contact by email/messenger and talk about some suitable strategies. I will offer you some options and you choose the one you like most. I will describe the process in detail and answer all your questions.

All preparatory phase is free and you do not need to pay anything.

Then, only if you like the strategy and wish to proceed, we agree on payment terms and move forward. You may also choose to pay me for my time and continue on your own or hire me to assist you further.

The second stage is the implementation of the strategy itself. You might need to register at some web platform or download an app. At this stage you should be getting a reasonable flow of girls so that you could review their photos and info and choose those you like most and meet them afterwards. This step may require my support or, if you wish, you may manage yourself.

In other words, we'll be flexible to give you every kind of option and as much freedom as possible to be able to reach the goal.

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